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Thank you so much for your time and teaching :)I'm just starting out but you make everyone feel welcome and have such a supportive program. You teach in a way that is very clear and effective and the program is so well put together. I've gained so much confidence and am having a lot of fun
I discovered JTS after watching one of Soham's YouTube videos, I'm so pleased I subscribed! Fantastic lessons and very clear instructions have helped my skills to grow, I have learned so much already. I know I still have a long way to go, especially with the drilling, I still can't master that! I'll get there though, more drilling tests for me then.
I am grateful for your vision, quality instruction, that you are willing to share your beautiful ideas and work and your dedication to your students. Your tutorials are so well put together, easy to follow and they inspire me to try my hardest.
I have been thoroughly enjoying your video courses - I started with the articulated fish, completed that without too much trouble (though I don't have a collet block), and now I'm onto the claw setting tutorials. I'm not intending to go professional, but just want to develop my skills in this absorbing hobby. I wanted to let you know how much I've appreciated not just the clarity of your tutorials but also the tool tips and hints along the way! I now have a prong pusher (adapted), lots of black tubing from the local Bunnings to protect my work - and I've got a much better idea of what to do with old pliers! Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that even an late starter like me can have some fun learning new skills via your tutorials. Thanks so much, cheers
Well done Peter, even though it's a hobby it's nice to produce something using the same practice and procedures you professionals do. Needless to say It gives me great pleasure to be one of your students.
Giving you a shout to say I just noticed the huge improvement you've made on the websites page capacity. Mine went from 6 courses per page to 18 courses per page. Triple!!! Really much easier to navigate. I don't know how much affirmation you get from people so I just want to say that your teaching is very clear, and easy to understand. The videos are good and your courses are comprehensive. I'm confident your efforts have or will produce not only a lucrative enterprise for yourself but will also help keep alive the tradition of wonderful hand crafted jewelry in a market that is increasingly being taken over by machine made trinkets that haven't much soul. I'm telling people about your site. Personally I have made several pieces of jewelry using your methods and all but one were smashing successes. I showed my drape setting eternity band with split claws to someone today and he said it looked like it was machine made. And he is a machinist who makes parts for NASA.

I'm a former blacksmith, 43 years old, who hurt my back badly about eight years ago. I'm fine now, but it still hurts. The injury was related to my work so I had to quit. For four years I was in rehab. Since I've got it in my hands (a Swedish saying) I wasn't satisfied with not being able to create, so I took up leather crafting. (Sending a picture just for fun) Then I moved on to silver. I've been working in silver for almost a year now, about 9 months, and I also cut and polish my own jewels. It has grown to become a passion. I started with the jewels and my wife suggested that I should take up gold smithing. I have had nothing more to help me on the way except some YouTube films and a goldsmith in town tipping me off now and then. When I found your site it was Christmas! I built my workshop from scratch and also made several of the tools myself. My goal is to become great some day and I hope that this course will help me along the way.

Thanks for your support and input, I feel so fortunate that I have JTS and you as a resource. My confidence and critical eye are developing quickly because of the training vids…can’t say enough how excited I am for my future skill level.

I want to thank you so very much for offering all these wonderful instruction videos and sharing your knowledge!! At such incredible price! I was self-taught all along, started with wire wrapping to soldering, and last year I began working with gold. I realized I need to further my skills with stone setting but the courses are just too expensive. I tried to follow the CDs, but the graver sharpening intimidated me and I had two attempts spread to two year spans, al fail and I couldn't move on! I did a few trade shows this year, wasn't successful, and desperately need better stone setting skills to enrich my design, but all my money got tied up in my samples, and I can't afford the stone setting class. Your video is clear and thorough, I just completed a few and can't wait to go through them all! And the Gemstone Setting Booklet is so informative! Even if I can't digest everything right away, they provide wonderful rich design details that I can apply to my new designs! I'm so glade that I checked out your website! I won't write any longer because I want to go back to your course videos!!! Thank you! And you know for the come weeks, months I'll be doing nothing else but studying!
Thank you very much for the certificate, it's brilliant. I feel like I have achieved something I can be proud of. I have printed it out and I will be buying a frame for it to hang on my workshop wall. I am glad you did try and created the website as it has enabled me to be trained and learn a lot from you. I went on an evening silversmiths class and I knew more than the teachers on the course, so this just goes to show the quality of your teaching ability and material. I have also booked on an evening goldsmith class, so I will be sure to tell all the students to head over to your website! Please do use my pictures and certificate, it is much appreciated and a morale boost. If there is any of your lessons you want me to have a go at and take pictures please let me know. I am keen to help you in any way. As always many thanks. All the best

Thanks for your support and input, I feel so fortunate that I have JTS and you as a resource. My confidence and critical eye are developing quickly because of the training vids…can’t say enough how excited I am for my future skill level.

I would like to thank you for issuing the level 4 certificate. It was quite unexpected and a very nice surprise! I can assure you that distance learning DOES work, your videos are very clear and your explanation of why things are done the way they are has helped me to reach the stage I am now. I can only thank you for passing on the skills you have as here in the UK I know of nowhere else that does this. There are the odd classes available, but after looking into these I decided they were very basic indeed. This is not to say I wouldn't have learned anything from them, more I felt I wanted to take things a lot further that was on offer. As you probably know I fell into this craft purely by accident and I'm so pleased I did. I fully intend to continue developing my skills and techniques with the help you offer. When time permits I shall submit more pics for you for assessment. Thanks once again
Over the past 2 weeks, I have a video from JTS running all the time. At coffee break or after work, I start up a vid from where I left off. For a while I’d just watch any setting vid I could find and there are a lot! Bravo. These secrets are real game changers from any other online jewelry content that I’ve run into. So I’ve started watching in the class progress order now, as I get ready to begin taking on the class assignments. I’m excited. I just completed my first large casting session in my studio. 3 oz of recycled clean scrap. Love the ownership of the material at this level (ingot making with large cast wire making 7mm and 5 mm wire runs) lots of technique in the pour that needs improvement but I can make raw stock and I love that. Now I know how to roll correctly thanks to your movie on that one. Totally looking for the ease off point with the roller, makes for a much quicker job. Thx.

Was a pleasure watching your video tutorials and following your work. Absolutely fantastic. I will definitely continue to support and purchase new packages, as this whole journey is a learning curve. There's always something new out there.

I have acquired many skills in my years making jewelry but I have hit the wall with regard to settings that require gravers. I can carve, cast, build and polish anything...but my choice of stone setting options are limited. Those I know are my own self taught version of the traditional techniques. When I have all the proper techniques along with the graver setting skills I'll really be able to fly. I live in San Francisco where we have a great jewelry school called Revere Academy. I have taken their advanced setting course twice. It's $700-800 with tuition and supplies for 3 days. It's like 'drinking from a fire hydrant' because the information comes so fast that you really can't absorb it. Then, after the weekend is over you're on your own again. Having your video lessons at my fingertips to review when I need them will be great. I have purchased the complete setting package and can't wait to get started. Thanks for what you do.
I managed to finish my first padlock and chain bracelet which I am pretty pleased with and its working really well. My wife has already made claim to it! :) I know I have a lot to improve on such as a bolder heart shape as this one was a little thinner than I wanted it to be, I need the rivet tighter and the padlock arm needs to be centered more and a better shape. Any suggestions or feedback would be much appreciated. The heart shape was harder than it looks. :) I am finishing up my second one now which I have improved on already. I have added some pictures please use if any are appropriate.

Great Video's and educational material, I'm a jeweller my self and the material in this course exceeded any other institute and educational jewellery school if seen in Australia and the USA ! I do recommend your course to any apprentice or any hobbyist that trying to learn to be a bench jeweller or have an idea how jewellery are made. Bravo and Kadous on your effort for a better education for the jewellery industry. My hat off for your !

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