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Whether you are a hobbyist wanting to learn more techniques and develop new skills & knowledge, or you are a professional looking to advance your career, JTS offers structured easy to follow jewellery lessons specifically for training students who are passionate to reach their maximum potential.

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Quickly get started with simple to follow instructions with basic materials

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With over 40 free lessons from a master jeweller, you can quickly realize your potential

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Many advanced courses for beginners will help your learn how to profit from your creations

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The Bronze level has hundreds of jewellery making videos that will get you started with your hobby or career. You will also learn all about the tools of the trade and the many techniques that will make your jewellery range unique.

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Silver Level Package

The Silver Level Ten Stage Training Program is recommended for hobby jewellers and students wanting to gain industry recognized training by following a structured course. It is ideal for beginners with moderate skills an eye for detail and passion for perfection. The lessons include important disciplines for traditional jewellery making handed down for generations from master jeweller to apprentice.

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Gold Level Package

Gold Level is an up-skilling resourse for professional jewellers wanting to broaden or advance their skills to fine jewellery level. The projects include traditional and specialised techniques such as ajour work (back-cutting) making various types of settings and multi component jewellery. Some of the projects are old school, but the skills are timeless and will prepare you for future trend changes.

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Platinum Level Package

JTS offers the only online structured stone setting course. You can buy individual lessons or the complete ten stage program. We can even supply you with stones and setting blanks to practice on. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. The setting demonstrations use standard jewellery tools and equipment as well as specialised tools, so there's no need to invest or upgrade to participate.

Stone Settings

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Meet JTS Creator & Master Jeweller Peter Keep

Hello fellow jewellers and thank you for taking some time to consider using Jewellery Training Solutions (JTS) I am a qualified master jeweller & trainer and I have been teaching apprentices since 2006. I am a passionate teacher, I still practice my craft, and I love it.

I was trained at the School of Jewellery & Silversmithing in Birmingham UK and I have never forgotten the amazing experience that quality training and passionate teachers gave me. After 30 years of running a successful jewellery design and manufacturing business in England and Australia I was offered the position of Jewellery Trade Lecturer at North Metropolitan TAFE in Perth.

I implemented a relevant and disciplined training program and developed innovative teaching techniques which re-energised the apprenticeship program in WA and produced an award winning generation of young jewellers.Apprenticeships are now as rare as hens teeth. Jewellery schools are few & far between.

This inspired me to create an easy to follow comprehensive online training program for the serious jewellery student.Jewellery Training Solutions is industry recognised and has helped thousands of students learn new skills or start a new career.

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Thank you so much for your time and teaching :)I'm just starting out but you make everyone feel welcome and have such a supportive program. You teach in a way that is very clear and effective and the program is so well put together. I've gained so much confidence and am having a lot of fun
I discovered JTS after watching one of Soham's YouTube videos, I'm so pleased I subscribed! Fantastic lessons and very clear instructions have helped my skills to grow, I have learned so much already. I know I still have a long way to go, especially with the drilling, I still can't master that! I'll get there though, more drilling tests for me then.
I am grateful for your vision, quality instruction, that you are willing to share your beautiful ideas and work and your dedication to your students. Your tutorials are so well put together, easy to follow and they inspire me to try my hardest.

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