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10 Stage Stone Setting Program

The JTS 10 stage revolutionary setting program is structured in a way to help you advance your skills methodically. Each stage underpins the following stage to make your learning experience enjoyable and help you to progress. Subscribe $59/Month Browse Setting Courses
  • Stage 1
    CLAW SETTINGS - 17 Videos + Handouts

    This is where it all starts. This course has videos covering all claw setting techniques as well as information hand outs. The instructions start at the basics and includes the essential principles of stone setting. Do not miss this one if you intend advancing to more complex setting. Learn how to set stones securely and how to avoid bur rip (damage) as well as cut the pavilion bearing to the correct shape.

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  • Stage 2
    BEZEL SETTINGS - 23 Videos + Handouts

    This course has videos covering different shapes as well as alternative methods of bezel setting and tool tips. There are also some handy theory hand outs. The lesson includes the Tool Tips chapter so you can learn how to make or modify tools to make setting easier.

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  • Stage 3
    GYPSY SETTINGS - 15 Videos + Handouts

    The first lesson will demonstrate how to prepare a half eternity cut setting before setting the stones in a gypsy or flush setting. This second lesson includes ten videos and covers setting into various shaped surfaces as well as setting on the inside of a ring.

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  • Stage 4
    SPLIT CLAW SETTINGS - 11 Videos + Handouts

    Split claws settings are popular with eternity rings wedding rings as well as solitaire shoulder decoration. You will learn how to space the stones. V Cut Eternity Settings will give you experience with your gravers to make the bright cut work around the settings.

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  • Stage 5
    SHARED CLAW SETTINGS - 10 Videos + Handouts

    This lesson will guide you through the spacing process to make a very attractive multiple stone band setting as well as showing you how to make a band setting appear to have claws soldered on.

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  • Stage 6
    CHANNEL SETTINGS - 15 Videos + Handouts

    The first lesson will teach you how to cut a channel quickly and set round stones along the channel strip. The second lesson will teach you how to cut a channel quickly and set square stones along the channel strip.

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  • Stage 7
    STAR & BRIGHT CUTTING - 18 Videos + Handouts

    Learn how to set with only two beads, bright cut and mill the setting edge and also learn how to make the most of your gravers and create sharp and neat cut work.

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  • Stage 8
    GRAIN SETTINGS - 7 Videos + Handouts

    The first lession will learn how to space for shared claw as well as pre-cut and shape the grain setting to enhance the claws. And then learn the cutting technique with both hand engraving as well as with a GraverMax air assist graver.

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  • Stage 9
    PAVE SETTINGS - 5 Videos + Handouts

    Learn how to pave set without the use of gravers, how to mark out for pave setting and four different seating techniques and how to make a spacing and mark out mark tool for pave setting.

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  • Stage 10
    MICRO PAVE SETTINGS - 3 Videos + Handouts

    This setting is popular for wedding rings and surprisingly easy to do especially if you make the spacing tool. You will learn how to accurately mark out for 1.5mm stones in a two, three and four patterns.

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