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10 Stage Silver Level Apprentice Style Training

This revolutionary course is industry recognised and includes skills techniques and knowledge intended for career minded beginners & jewellers advancing to a professional level. Each stage will teach you fundemental disciplines for jewellery fabrication in a structured way. Members & subscribers can apply for stage level certificates by completing at least two projects from each stage. Subscribe $39/Month Browse Advanced Level Courses
  • Stage 1
    Basic technical skill tests

    The first stage covers basic but extremly important technical skills such as making templates & accurate measuring & marking skills. It is important to improve or correct basic skill techniques at this stage to help you advance through the program

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  • Stage 2
    Basic soldering alternative fixing & planning

    In this level you will plan and set up a system. You will cover basic soldering and you will experience alternative fixing methods to make a simple catch & articulating jewellery

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  • Stage 3
    Intermediate soldering forming & fixing skills

    This level will advance your solder skills and you will learn basic setting & collet forming to the correct stone size. You will also experience various straight fixing techniques and basic forging filing & shank shaping

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  • Stage 4
    Intermediate shaping skills & advanced drilling

    This level will advance your friction fitting marking and stone placement skills. You will learn simple setting carving techniques. It is advised to develop wax carving skills as this material is often used in jewellery manufacture for certain tasks

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  • Stage 5
    Advanced soldering & metal working skills

    This level will demonstrate some 3D metal forming techniques for findings & setting fabrication. You will experience controlled sweat soldering and pin point soldering as well as forming various angled mitring to make a measuring device

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  • Stage 6
    Commercial jewellery construction

    This level introduces you to various methods of making commercial rings using friction fitting and precision soldering. You will better understand setting tolerances and discover alternative step rolling & forging techniques

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  • Stage 7
    Shaped settings

    This level introduces multi component jewellery manufacture & advances your creative skills to work with various shaped stones. You will form suitable settings and attach them to different shank or finding components.

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  • Stage 8
    Advanced cutting & advanced jewellery making skills

    This level is an introduction to fine jewellery making. You will make a catch mechanism and make the all important traditional solitaire ring. You will also advance your measuring & marking skills and experience ajour work.

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  • Stage 9
    Precision soldering & cutting

    This level takes your precision soldering to a higher standard. You will learn heat control to minimize over running solder. You will also further advance your spacing fixing & cutting skills.

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  • Stage 10
    Multi component fine jewellery

    The final training stage will help to prepare you for multi component fine jewellery manufacture, advancing your restoration & repair skills and help to instill confidence to take on commission work independently.

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